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Nordic Skiing – Coming in 2021

This is the most difficult, most complicated, most high-maintenance sport in the world. It is hard to learn. It is impossible to master. So why do we teach it? Because it is also the most exhilarating, challenging, beautiful sport on Earth, and the one that burns the most calories. 

It’s hard to describe the magical feeling of skiing up AND down hills in freezing weather. You just have to try it.

There are two ‘styles’ of cross country skiing:

  • Classic: this involves scooting along in a walking/running/gliding motion in two parallel tracks
  • Skating or Freestyle: This is the newer style (since 1982) that you’ve probably seen on the Olympic TV coverage that looks a lot like skating. (The U.S. Women’s Ski Team won a gold medal in this sport in Pyeongchang.)

Both styles are fun. Both will get you out into the woods in the winter. Both will help you burn calories at a high rate while also building balance, fitness, endurance, and muscle.

A lot has changed in the XC ski industry in the past 10 years. Today, the clothing is warmer. The skis are lighter. The boots are more comfortable. And everything is better.

And Michigan winters are something to be enjoyed!

WHAT WE TEACH: We will teach you both styles of skiing, and how to shop for the right equipment. We’ll also show you where you can find the best trails and ski events throughout the state. Some of them are in or very near Oakland County!