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What Does a Sport Cost?

Everything costs money.  Luckily, some sports are cheaper than others. And almost every sport can be made affordable by growing slowly. In most cases, prices increase when equipment manufacturers make products that are faster, lighter, stronger, cooler, or more technical. While we enjoy all of those things as athletes, we strongly urge restraint until the activity has become a permanent part of your life. Be patient. Let the sport sink its hooks into you first. It won’t take long.  So let’s look at the sports we offer with an eye toward budget and finance. Here’s a thumbnail sketch of the… Read More »What Does a Sport Cost?

10 Reasons for 7 Sports

Here are ten solid reasons why we’ve chosen our sports.  For their ability to exercise both mind AND body.  From the minute you begin, your body will benefit from being active. Once you become adept at the activity, your mind will find the ability to free itself from stress and worry.  That’s not really something you can do while playing soccer. (But please pay attention to your surroundings.) 2.  No one is taking attendance. There are no required practice sessions. You are not bound to a schedule of someone else’s design. If it works better for you to be active… Read More »10 Reasons for 7 Sports