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10 Reasons for 7 Sports

Here are ten solid reasons why we’ve chosen our sports. 

  1. For their ability to exercise both mind AND body. 

From the minute you begin, your body will benefit from being active. Once you become adept at the activity, your mind will find the ability to free itself from stress and worry.  That’s not really something you can do while playing soccer. (But please pay attention to your surroundings.)

2.  No one is taking attendance.

There are no required practice sessions. You are not bound to a schedule of someone else’s design. If it works better for you to be active at 6am, awesome!  If you can only find an hour in the evening a few times per week, awesome.

3. For their relative affordability.

The initial cost of equipment may be your only expense. If you choose to participate non-competitively, there will be no required annual membership dues, travel costs, or entry fees. Compared to a sport such as golf which charges a fee every time you play, these sports have a very low cost-per-play.

4. For their relatively low injury rate.

Done properly, these sports are low impact, high cardio, fresh air, calorie burning sports that have a low ‘use injury’ rate. While there are risks in every activity, these sports have a low rate of injury. Many of them are recommended by orthopedic specialists for use in recovery from injuries in other sports. 

5. For your ability to participate for a lifetime. 

We love basketball, hockey, and soccer. We know people who play them late in life. But realistically, those numbers are quite low.  Our sports can be learned and enjoyed at any age, and most are included in the Michigan Senior Olympics Program.

6. For their ability to offer a constantly expanding set of challenges.

While not requiring a great amount of technique to begin, they will always hold more for you to accomplish for as long as you stick with them. How far do you want to go? 

7. For your ability to participate alongside younger and older family members.

It’s difficult and quite uncommon for a 50-year-old to play basketball with a 15-year-old, making it also difficult for families to participate together.   Unlike sports such as soccer, hockey, and basketball, these sports are truly family activities that can be enjoyed by participants of disparate ages.  

8. For their lack of favoritism, ball hogs, or down time.

There is no bench to sit on. There will be no manager deciding who plays and who doesn’t play based on arbitrary metrics. There is no single player monopolizing the ball and taking all the shots. There are no built-in stoppages. Everyone participates at their own chosen level for as long as they choose. 

9a. For their lack of exclusion.

Most mainstream sports require either speed, size, hand-eye coordination, teammates, the desire to be competitive, or the ability/desire to be social. Not everyone has those attributes.

9b. For their ability to exclude.

Though each of our sports can be done in large groups, they can also be done in complete zen-like solitude. For some people, this is a dream come true. No one needs to know you’re out in the woods far from cell towers, email, and social media (though we strongly recommend that you tell someone when you’re going out alone). 

10. They’re fun.
We probably could have lead with this one.

Obviously, there are more than 10 reasons why we’ve chosen these sports, but who wants to read so many words when they can be outdoors doing stuff?